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Well hello there dolls and gents! I'm Colleen Moore, born in good ol’ Michigan in 1899. Let me tell you, the flapper era was the bee's knees! I was known as the "flaming youth" of Hollywood, and I made my mark as a unique trailblazer in the film industry.

You see, I wasn't content to just play the same old roles that other actresses were doing. Oh no, I wanted to do something different, something daring! So, I chopped off my long curls into a sleek bob and became one of the first actresses to do so. And you know what? It worked! My look became all the rage, and I even started a trend that would last for years to come.

But that wasn't the only thing that set me apart. I also took on challenging roles, like playing a flapper in the silent film "Flaming Youth," which was a big deal back then. And I wasn't afraid to take risks in my career either - I produced my own films, which was almost unheard of for a woman in Hollywood at the time.

And let's not forget my innate charm and business acumen - I was a trailblazer in making money during the stock market crash of 1929, and I did it with style! The crash was a doozy, but I came out on top! How, you ask? By being a savvy investor and not blowing all my dough on flapper dresses and whangdoodle music. I diversified my portfolio, invested in real estate, and relied on my bankable reputation in the film industry to keep the cash flowing!

So, there you have it - I may have been a flapper, but I was also a trailblazer in my own right. And I'm proud to have left my mark on Hollywood and the film industry. Now, who's up for a trip to the juice joint?

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