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Well, well, well, darlings, it's the "It" girl herself, Clara Bow!  I starred in some of the most iconic films of the time, like "Wings" and "It," which is where I got my nickname. But coming up, nobody did me any favors. I clawed my way out of poverty and out of a family life you’d be crazy to stick around for. It was a risk to enter a beauty contest with an empty belly and no money for fancy duds. But I strutted my stuff, dazzled in my photographs and made my own damn luck. It wasn’t an easy road, but winning that contest launched me into the big time.

I was known for my bold red lips, and I even had a little heart on my cheek. If you think the young girlies began to copy me, you’re darn tootin’ they did!  But it wasn't just my looks that made me a sex symbol - it was my attitude. I was bold, confident, and unapologetic about my sexuality, and that made me stand out in a time when women were expected to be demure and submissive. I wasn't afraid to take charge and be the life of the party, and I think that's what made me so appealing to audiences.

Let me tell you, being a sex symbol in the flapper era was no easy feat. But with my Brooklyn roots and my devil may care attitude, I made it work. I may have been known as a sex symbol, but I was also a talented actress. And even though I retired from acting at a young age, I left a lasting impact on Hollywood and on the flapper era. Born in 1905, who knew this little gal would become one of the most famous actresses of the time? And that’s not all—Max Fleischer was so inspired by me that he created Betty Boop. Now that’s something to toot my own horn about. Boop-Oop-a-Doop!

So there you have it, dolls and dappers - I may have been a sex symbol, but I was also a force to be reckoned with. And I'm proud to have left my mark on the flapper era and on Hollywood, where I made over 50 movies. Now, who's ready to hit the town and paint it red?

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